Let It Go

This post by the wonderful Kiki says it all! LET IT GO! If it is not beneficial to you or your life purpose and is causing you upset and pain then just *Let it go.

Don’t you just love when you stumble upon blogs like this. Make sure you follow her blog.

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What does Let It Go mean and how does it apply to your life?

Let it go means just what it says, LET IT GO! Let anything and everything that is holding you back from being the best YOU possible go. LET IT GO! If you can not let something go you are resisting growth. You are resisting your purpose in life.

Stop resisting your greatness! Stop resisting your purpose! Let whatever is holding you back go! It is in the past where it belongs. Each and every day that you wake up you are blessed! You have been blessed not only with life but the opportunity to make yourself better, to find your purpose.  Each day is a gift, a chance to try again.

You have to let the past go, in order to grow. Yes you will always remember and yes, in fact, it does matter that it happened…

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5 Things The Celibate Woman Doesn’t Have to Deal With!

Hey Guys,
So I happened to stumble upon this amazing writer Takya Love, who gives some fantastic advice about being celibate. This post in particular not only talks about the positivity that comes out of being celibate. But she also gives a back story about a friend and her struggles after seeming to find a good man then having sex…..

I think it’s fair to say not everyone can handle being celibate, I personally don’t enjoy it at all. Nevertheless, reading this has definitely given me the kick I needed to move forward and remember why I made this commitment to wait.

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No matter how much men or other women try to make you feel like you’re losing.

If you’re living a lifestyle of purity,

You are winning sis! 

Whether you’re a virgin or a woman who’s dedicated her body back to God, you’re on the right team!

Society makes being celibate seem so ancient; so outdated, but truth never changes. Just because every woman around you seems to be dishing out their goodies and having men by the dozen doesn’t mean they’re winning.

In today’s blog, “5 Things the Celibate Woman Doesn’t Have to Deal with.” I will be discussing some of the benefits of why waiting for marriage is both beneficial and necessary.

Let’s dive in!

1. No Confusion

Because I’m waiting until marriage. Confusion rarely hits my life. Now there have been some times when I’ve gotten “a little off” because I thought it would work…

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What successful people keep from you

Amazing content from Emmanuel Aginam



You might have that feeling that you are not complete; that you are so limited; And that there are so many things you do not know, if not you would have been where your peers, mentors, boss, colleagues or heroes are at the moment.

You desire their lifestyle; their dress sense; their environment; their elegance and even their composure. They appear to you to be living in a world of perfection while yours seems to be riddled with holes and incomplete puzzles.

You have struggled to get to where they are, having applied so many formulas, rules and principles just to be like them- to be in that world where EVERYTHING is cool and free flowing.

Yet there are things you won’t know about them which I am about to reveal (smiles):
You won’t know that they also have STRUGGLES,
You won’t know that they are NUMEROUS things they don’t…

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