I’m a Wife now!

I guess my prays were answered!

I’m a WIFE. A Mrs….. Thing is I wasn’t actually looking when he came along. It really happened when I least expected it. I’m so very humbled right now. I remember my prayers years ago about becoming a wife before I was 30. I remember getting to 28 and thinking “well that’s not gonna happen now is it”

It takes a year or 2 to get to know the person then a year to plan a wedding. There’s no way it’s going to happen! No way! I accepted it, I put my big girl boots on and embraced being single.

But somehow I’m a month away from my 30th birthday and a MRS.

I want to talk more about the Journey here and I’m sure I will open up a bit more, especially now I have somethings I want to get off my chest.

But for now, here’s the pics ❤️

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  1. Congratulation on your wedding, dear 🙂

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  2. Kumar Harsh says:

    Congratulations. 😇


  3. Aww so lovely, huge Congratulations! x


  4. Love it you all look so happy. Congratulations


  5. Elizabeth says:

    That is beyond wonderful. God sure does have a way of coming through–just not on our time table.


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