The Launch of Rosebuds Aroma

It’s been a while, it’s been a long long while. It’s not like my usual case of disappearing due to writers block. I in fact have much to say, it’s just I’ve had very little time to do my more leisurely activities because well.

“Shamaya and I started a Business!!!!“

I am super excited to announce that we have launched our own product line of Aromatherapy Candles and Reed diffusers. The development of these products has taken 6 months in total but I’m at a point where I am honestly pleased with the outcome!

So…… Without delay, I would love for you all to check out my Etsy page. I’m currently only shipping to the UK but we hope to expand further in due time.

Regardless if you are not UK based it would equally mean a great deal to me if you clinked the link and browsed the product range regardless as it helps boost my SEO.

I hope to share more of this crazy venture we have embarked on as mother and daughter and at the very least I hope it inspires you all to take risks and live life without regret.


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