Breastfeeding Youtube Channel!

Hey All

So I guess i’m trying to put myself out there a bit more to showcase my personality and to educate the masses on breastfeeding. I love Youtube but have never been very great at editing or creating content but I suppose ‘one must move with the times aye…

Well anyway, I need your help, blogging has been a major part of my life for 4 years and I really enjoy the engagement I get from writing and talking with all my lovely visitors. But; for business purposes and helping others I would really appreciate it if you also Subscribe to my Breastfeeding Youtube Channel.

I really want to make a go of this and feel that its time i braved the big wide world of Vlogging and Social Media to help get my breastfeeding services and advice to all in need.

I wont stop writing!

Writing is my Passion, I enjoy the the fact that i can be myself and be transparent. You’ll be stuck with me a little longer!


With Love x

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  1. Practice makes perfect! You got this mama! Good luck with your YouTube channel!💙


  2. Thanks hun, loved your post, looking forward to reading more of your blog xx


  3. Samira says:

    Glad you’re going after your passion! I feel like a lot of new mums could do with breastfeeding advice as it can sometimes be so isolating. My health visitors weren’t that great! Happy that more women are talking about breastfeeding ❤️


  4. Found your blog through mutual tags and I love it! will definitely be subscribing to your channel! I’d appreciate if you would also have a read of my blog :-).

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    1. Hey sweet thanks so much and thanks for stopping by !! Could you pop a link to your blog please xx


      1. Great blog, thanks for the link! when I click on your thumbnail pic it doesn’t link me straight to your page (says it’s unavailable)
        Have a look into that because it makes it hard for others to find your blog XX


      2. Thank you! I’ll be sure to look into it xxxx


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