Does Black Woman Fetish Exist?


Now I can only speak from my experience and by no means do I want to cause offence but I personally have experienced this. I have experienced interest from men of all races who what to experience a black woman and head to dating sites to hook up with one. Now from my experience of speaking to hundreds of men (Yes hundreds, but less than a thousand 🙈) and probably gone on about 30 dates in less that 2 years.

I’ve gone on dates and spoken with many men, different races and I conclude that there are some men that are only interested in black women for their body shapes or because of ideals from interracial relationships trending on social media.

What’s sad is there are actually genuine men out there looking for love and see no colour, but they are hidden behind men who are on the hunt to conquer a black woman.

95% of the men I have spoken to are not black and either from the United Kingdom or Europe and unfortunately most of them are interested in having sex with me as black woman but would never want a relationship with me.

Oh gosh I sound like a pessimist, please bare in mind this is simply my experience.

So why don’t I date or talk to black men? Well I do. Believe it or not, but I simply talk to whoever contacts me. I’ve dated less black men though as I’ve received less matches and black men don’t approach me in public. (Maybe there’s something here to discuss further….)

Dating sites really aren’t for everyone, but it’s extremely hard to trust anyone online when you’ve encountered such men. So I’ll pop down some tips I’ve used to work out who’s got a black fetish.

Tip 1:

They talk about sex a lot. Maybe in the beginning or after you’ve met but say nothing more about getting to know your on a deeper level.

Tip 2:

They mention your race, call you “black cutie” use terms like “queen”, mention how much they love your skin tone and how there are no black women where they live…

Tip 3:

They openly tell you they only date black women but they’ve never had a serious relationship with one, gotten married or have bi-racial kids. Or you have entered what you believe is a serious relationship but yet months have passed and you’ve never met his family or friends..

Tip 4:

They mention your body shape. Apparently they love curvy women and ask if you can twerk 🤣

Tip 5:

They hook up with you and you become a buddy but nothing more after promises of a relationship. They are still online dating and suddenly go cold on you after your encounter.

So…..These are my red flag tips that I use. Ideally you should have already run for the hills before reaching Tip 5.

Speaking from experience it can be extremely hurtful and disheartening to meet someone who has a fetish for black women. I don’t believe that everyman I’ve been on a date with has had one but for those that did it wasn’t always clear to begin with.

Men who’ve dated Black Women may say that they don’t have a fetish and they just like to hook up with women in general, and yes to a degree.. I agree (there are some men that go online looking for any woman willing to give them the time of day and don’t care for ethnicity…)

But, until I entered the world of online dating, I didn’t realise how many men actually do go online to hook up with a black woman but yet would never be confident enough to approach a black woman if the opportunity arose in normal circumstances.

If I’m completely transparent about this…I’ll say exactly what I said to my EX, who claimed to have a preference for black women, but had commitment issues….

“Black women have a hard enough time as it is in life and society… What we DON’T need is an egotistic man, mind F*cking and playing with our emotions all for the love of Black Vagina!”

Again, these are just my views based on experiences, there genuinely are some lovely men that dont care for race and want and deserve love just like the rest of us. I truly hope those men have the opportunity to outshine the fettish lovers because interracial relationships are honestly such a beautiful thing. Having been in many myself I can say, the joining of different cultures and lifestyles can be by far the most interesting, fun and fullfilling experiences of your life.

Happy Dating.

-Leah x

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Good grief. As if you need this on top of the challenges of being a single mom.


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