Birthday Message to my Son

5 years…. 5 years of being a mother to a little boy. Today I’m filled with mixed emotions, of course happiness but also a sense of sadness…’s a weird feeling to see your child develop from tiny infancy to a big boy.

We’ve had moments of tears….many….

Moments of happiness…..many……

Moments of laughter

Moments of joy and moments of fun…..

Nonetheless we’ve had 5 years worth of moments all starting from this day 5 years ago.

Dear Amzah,

Amzah you are and will always be my heart. You are more like me then I care to admit. You are the purest of souls full of light and emotion and whilst sometimes you struggle to express these feelings… I understand you and I feel you.

Mummy sees you. If anything I pray that with each year you continue to blossom into the amazing young man you are destined to be. What makes you special is every cell of your being that makes you… You. As you blossom into the Rose you are destined to be. I give you the eternal gift of my love.

I will always fight for you.. with you and beside you..

I love you

Happy 5th Birthday my heart ❤️

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