5 Things The Celibate Woman Doesn’t Have to Deal With!

Hey Guys,
So I happened to stumble upon this amazing writer Takya Love, who gives some fantastic advice about being celibate. This post in particular not only talks about the positivity that comes out of being celibate. But she also gives a back story about a friend and her struggles after seeming to find a good man then having sex…..

I think it’s fair to say not everyone can handle being celibate, I personally don’t enjoy it at all. Nevertheless, reading this has definitely given me the kick I needed to move forward and remember why I made this commitment to wait.

Please have a read and follow the writer!

Takyah's Blog

No matter how much men or other women try to make you feel like you’re losing.

If you’re living a lifestyle of purity,

You are winning sis! 

Whether you’re a virgin or a woman who’s dedicated her body back to God, you’re on the right team!

Society makes being celibate seem so ancient; so outdated, but truth never changes. Just because every woman around you seems to be dishing out their goodies and having men by the dozen doesn’t mean they’re winning.

In today’s blog, “5 Things the Celibate Woman Doesn’t Have to Deal with.” I will be discussing some of the benefits of why waiting for marriage is both beneficial and necessary.

Let’s dive in!

1. No Confusion

Because I’m waiting until marriage. Confusion rarely hits my life. Now there have been some times when I’ve gotten “a little off” because I thought it would work…

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    I like her category of women who have dedicated their bodies back to God. A great post.

    Liked by 1 person

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