Review: The MouseTrap

Thursday 12th April happened to be a very special day! Not only was it a day where I got some much needed quality time with my eldest daughter; but also a day to remember as Shamaya and I were invited to the St Martins Theatre in London. We were invited to celebrate the 66th Anniversary of Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap which happens to have broken the world record of being the longest running show.

Now due to time constraints and being a single working mum, going to the theatre is not usually the first thing I think of doing in my spare time, not to mention the previous show I saw was so boring It had put me off from considering smaller productions.

Needless to say I was somewhat apprehensive about this show, now I usually go to the theatre at least twice a year and I’m probably the most critical person they could have invited. I expect perfection, I crave a good storyline and fantastic acting. I like to feel as if I’m a fly on the wall in someone’s home. It needs to be as authentic as possible to grip me.

“I was left stunned and speechless. By far the best murder mystery storyline. Raw acting and interesting characters”

The story is about a murder that has taken place. An unsuspecting group of guest staying in a remote countryside guest house realise they have a murderer amongst them and try to work out “whodunnit.”

This whodunnit it storyline is such a common storyline but the way in which it had been executed in The Mousetrap is what sets it apart from other mystery productions.

Like I said, the acting was so fantastic it was believable, I even managed to develop a favourite character and every time he spoke I’d find myself with a huge grin.

Mr Christopher Wren (played by Liam Jefford, young man)

Young lad to the right

He gave the story the comedy it needed to make it light and enjoyable, he was by far the most intriguing individual within the cast and had the audience in fits of laughter on several occasions.

As you can see it was only a cast of 8 but one thing I have learnt is that there is nothing wrong with a smaller production if the storyline can be executed so perfectly and the actors are phenomenal.

For over 60 years the secret of “whodunnit” has been the best kept secret in theatrical history. Now, I know it would be much easier me telling you all who the culprit is but to be honest you must watch the show.

I feel that for a production to be running for so long, maintain a hype around whodunnit for over 60 decades and have such talented actors it’s worth a visit.

For families, it’s not suitable for under 5’s and I’d honestly say I’d probably not take a child below 7. Nonetheless if you can go, I’d recommend taking the family and making an evening of it….. have a running bet on who the killer is.

Why not go on a date: Whoever gets it wrong foots the bill for dinner!

Honestly have fun- It’s worth it!


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  1. Elizabeth says:

    I am so glad that you got to get out to the theater. Better yet, it was a great production. Good for your morale.


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