10 Top Tips To Remember When Being Asked To do A Review


Don’t we just love Reviews! These helpful little insights that help us make decisions on whether or not to purchase a product or service. Social Media is one of the biggest and fastest ways to promote a business and with more platforms being made available up to date, it’s no wonder you are getting contacted. New budding companies seek out influencers and bloggers to help them promote their product.

As a blogger who not only writes but has her own company I am all to familiar with how the system works when using blogger reviews to help with promotion.

One of the biggest mistakes I made a few years back when I began my blog was I didn’t read up anything to do with writing reviews or sponsored posts and so walked in blindly, unprepared for what was to come. If you haven’t already…please head over to my post. Hidden Reality: Writing Reviews For Companies where I touch on the reality of writing reviews for companies and what can be expected.

For this post I’d like to continue on with the subject but this time giving you my Top Tips to remember when you are asked to write a review for a company. My advice to bloggers being contacted is:

1. Ask what you will receive in return?

2. If you choose to do it, learn from the experience

3. Look up the company, has other smaller bloggers done reviews for this company?

4. Check out their social media, followers vs following, check their images, do their likes even remotely match up with their followers? eg.  200k followers doesn’t = 10likes in 24hrs for their latest upload.


5. Do they answer emails?

6. Do they include follow backs and links on their social media?


7. How long will they expect the post to remain on your blog?

8. Just because you did a review doesn’t necessarily mean you will be flooded by companies coming to you for reviews or sponsored posts. It honestly comes in waves.

9. Write reviews in relation to your blog! Don’t write random reviews about the latest protein powder if your a travel blog and if you really want to write the post use your writing skills to somehow relate travelling with protein powder in the most unnoticeable way.

10. Don’t loose you passion, writing reviews, especially if they’re unpaid can be extremely tedious and kill your creativity so ensure you remain passionate about the material you are putting out there.



Remember, Remember

 Your blog is also a representation of YOUR brand!

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    How is your business going? Are you able to support your family with it yet? Hoping great things for your career.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Elizabeth, it’s going well thank you, been off work for a few months but fully back in business xx

      Liked by 1 person

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