Mommyrosebuds Is On Youtube: Kids won’t go to bed! HELP!!

Guys its about time…… I have been asked more times then i can count to start a YouTube channel and bugged non stop by Shamaya to start it for her sake…..So finally i’ve decided to activate it and post some videos.

This doesn’t mean my content stops on here, actually what i’m hoping is that i can give you all a much clearer view of our life and how much fun we actually have. I genuinely love blogging but also love Vlogging and re-watching memories with the Rosebud Family  so I hope you will enjoy watching our content as well as reading it.

I’ll be honest majority of my life is documented on camera and I only manage to document a fraction of it on here so from now on the more family orientated blog posts will have my Vlogs included, and those that are lucky enough to follow me on both will get to see the most intricate aspects of my life which will be explained better through both platforms.

So with all that being said and done…Please head over to our Youtube Channel. Like and Subscribe.

Our first upload is just a quick snap of me and Mini Muffin….I genuinely couldn’t get him to sleep so as funny as the video is……This is seriousDeadly serious so….If you fancy giving me some tips to getting this muffin head to bed. Please feel free to enlighten me in the comments xx

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