Find me a man who can touch me without touching me! 

Is it possible?

Is that love?

The opportunity to find love in someone so passionate and precise without the presence of touch.

I desire to be touched, to feel your hand upon my leg, to feel your breath so close it warms me. And yet you say no, you say a man leads his wife to purity, to marriage, not to smokey nights and broken hearts.

I plead, with everything in me, I plead, my pelvis thrust forward to imagine that touch, in return I receive a hand to push it back in place. A place of purity………
You say this time it will be different, your nothing like the others, the intensity of your eyes show me I am beautiful, too beautiful to poison. Too beautiful to use…

Too beautiful to abuse and leave…..

So you whisper in me ear. “God is watching”
Instantaneously I retract, my chest sinks and lust has been conquered. TODAY…….

Tomorrow I wake up heart racing, bosom erect even your voice makes me quiver. But you say not today. Lust is powerful, I can’t see you tonight…..

You send me thoughts of poetry and images of marriage to remind us of the goal. Then you present me a ring……not till death do us part but the promise to remain pure kind of ring. The kind a father gives his daughter, the kind a child gives his sweetheart.

One can’t be mad at that… It’s innocent and pure its a declaration of our love……..

But who doesn’t desire the touch? Who doesn’t desire physical love? That spiritual transfer of energy.

I do….. But, you know what i desire the most?
The man who can touch me without touching me…..You….the man who removes my pelvis and covers my bosom.

The man who sees the world in my eyes and a future through my smile…. The man who can bring forth lust and passion through intelligence and conversation.

Your existence is definitive but your location is questionable….. I guess i will see you tonight when i lay my head to rest.

Leah x

All rights reserverd 

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