Mini Muffin Turns 2 Today!!!! 

Guys! Mini Muffin is 2 today! Can you believe it! Now those that have been following my blog from the very start will have seen the transformation from baby to toddler. 

Mini Muffin has grown into an handsome little boy! He’s soo advanced! Running around calling himself “Boss Baby” and sighing like a moody teenager when I ask him to do something. 

The joy!……😏 

No really, it has been a joy, he’s such a lovely and inquisitive child who has taken a very mature role towards his siblings. 
No matter where we go this extra small boy carries himself in such a way that people can’t help but come up and talk to him. 

“Small in body but big in personality!”

He lights up the room with his smile! Like for real! It’s infectious! He’s just soo perfect 👌🏾 

So guys please help wish my Mini Muffin a very happy birthday 🎉 

Lots of love 
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Rosebuds xx

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