Conversations with the Mistress….

(Ring ring)
Wife: “Hello, is this “She”,

Mistress: “Yes, this is “She”,

Wife: “So “She” why the hell did you do this to me?”

Mistress: “I’m sorry, I was weak, this life got too peak. A single man was too hard to seek. I’m sorry; this is hard, I can barely speak…..”

Wife: “Sister, you speak, this is  what you need…Speak, let me know who planted this seed. This seed of deception between you and him. Girl; please tell me, how did this begin?”

Mistress: “I knew about you, from the very start. I knew our lies and cheating would tear you apart. But you see sis, deep down I never cared. I was lonely, I was broken. Not even the Lord I feared. The life, it was fun. Like being on the run. “Catch me if you can” I was your biggest Fan. You had him every day and there was nothing I could say…to make him walk away…… There was nothing I could do, to make him leave you.”

Wife: “But you see dear sister, it needn’t be so deep, have you never heard you sow what you reap? REAP what you sow, did you not know..that your role in this infidelity would be the final blow? You speak of weakness, you speak of pain. You speak of turmoil again and again..but this gave you power, it gave you control, I can only assume you were on a roll. A path of distruction, a path of pain. Are either of you willing to take the blame?”

Mistress: “He was sweet, he was cunning, I suppose when i heard of you I should have been running. But it was easy for me to be the “She”,  it was easy for me to leave you as “You” and me as “Me”….”

Wife: “But She, can’t you see it wasn’t easy for me? I should of had a choice in the matter you both should have let me be. Not contribute to my pain, again and again. The cheating, the LIES, your f*cking insane! I never asked for this life! I never asked for him. I prayed for a good man but all I’ve been given is a dose of sin. Sinful actions that YOU played. Sinfull choices YOU BOTH made. Love, trust and understanding have begun to fade.”

Mistress: “Im sorry, I truly am….but like I said I was your biggest fan. You had the life, you had the home , you had the man. And at the time I just didn’t give a damb. Look there’s not much more that I can say, but that I’m sorry it even went that way. Please put it in your heart to forgive me one day. And I suppose the only way to heal is to pray….”

Wife: “To pray!? She!” You have ruined my life. How you gonna play the friend, play the martyr, then play the knife?”

Mistress: “Look……I can’t do this, I’ve said enough, I’ve been in your shoes and the recovery is tough. Just know I’m sorry, I know he is too…. But from here on now theres nothing I can do….I’ve said all I had to say; now I pray you will find forgiveness one day….”

“Look; he loves you, just forget me, start again. Live your life, just pretend, I never happened, I was just a friend. My worth was not valued, I got cheap hotels and smoky nights. While, I got the random text that he’ll see me soon, your both boarding your flight. He would give you the world and speak of you in true gratification whilst he’d sleep with me until I got him to his sexual destination. I was never the one, just some cheap and twisted fun. But honestly wife I didn’t mean to be the bullet in the gun.”

Wife: “I understand your point, and I’m sorry you were used; but please don’t end this like you were manipulated and abused. You chose this seedy life and to lessen your worth, and I can only pray from this a new woman has been birthed. I’ve nothing left to say except it shouldn’t have gone this way…..Thank you for your honesty and have a nice day…….”

(Hangs up )


Written by Leah

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28 thoughts on “Conversations with the Mistress….

    1. Thank you for reading! For some women I actually think it can start a form of healing. I really wanted to write something that would capture both perspectives of the women that didn’t result in anger or fighting. But understanding and a possibility for healing. Thanks for you comment x

      Liked by 3 people

    1. What a wonderful conversation/poem it was fantastic! It should be broadcast to everyone who thinks of having an affair with a married man. Although my father had an affair with my stepmother when he was married and then left my mother and lived happily ever after and they are still together 35 years later. So sometimes affairs do work out! Though not for the children of course….

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I completly agree with you. There are some affairs that work out perfectly fine. It does hurt the kids the most I think. Thank you soo much for reading hun im glad you enjoyed it xx


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