Mama’s bringing SEXY BACK! #OOTD


I’m bringing Sexy back!
Sexy” has risen from the dead and come back with a vengence!
The breastfeeding bras, leaky boobs and granny knickers have officially LEFT the party 😂
And I have decided to come back on fire! 🔥

For the past 3 years I have been pregnant or breastfeeding and now that I’m not not up the duff or producing liquid gold I’m making it my goal to find my inner goddess and love my body. And what better way to do this then……..Shopping!!! (And the dreaded gym sessions of course)
Like seriously….. do you know how good it feels to wear a wired bra again?
Perky boobs and sexy lingerie have arrived in the Rosebud household finally!


Anyway, let’s get into the #OOTD
Dress: boohoo £20
Jacket: quiz (debenams) £20
Shoes: redherring (debenams) £39

I won’t lie to you, I’m still having to nip and tuck a couple rolls in with my Brazilian waist trainer but I honestly feel amazing!
I hope I look just as good as any other 25 year old who’s never had kids because I feel like a New woman.

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Lots of love
Leah ❤

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