Lord please save me from me


If this is me,
I am in danger
If this is who I am now then lord please save me
Please save me from me!

I am changing..
I am changing like the leaves above
Almost like the seasons
But, from green to red…
I am deadly….

This man has broken me,
He has poisened my love and turned it into something dark and bitter.
How so?
The constant belittling, the tone of voice and the irritated moods.
He no longer loves me anymore
He no longer inspires me
He no longer motivates me
He no longer wipes my tears
He no longer cares for my goals.

Imagine I have he’s kids
Imagine I’m scarred for life
Imagine the bastard doesn’t even care
Imagine he says well ” anyone could of had he’s kids”
A woman shouldn’t complain it’s her job.

I fell in love with the idea of love
I fell in love with the charm
I fell in love with the idea of a family
I fell in love with his touch
So what now?

He said I am broken.
I am not broken
I am soo strong. Stronger then ever
I don’t need fixing!
I require further growth a development
Something I can not do with him.

I won’t go down without a fight!
Fuck that! I won’t go down at all!

At first it may appear that I am submissive, it may appear that there is no love lost and then a tiny oppertunity arises……
Lord please save me from me…….


15 thoughts on “Lord please save me from me

  1. Powerful indeed! Love the post. It does get better. Keep your head up and towards the hills from which cometh our help. I was a single parent for most of children’s lives. God is good and always has been. He will see you through.

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  2. First of all thankyou for sharing this, It gives me strength and faith. I currently passing by something very similar. Just praying to God to give me strength and the ability to understand his plan he has set up for me and my baby.

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