Mini Muffin please stop!


You know that moment in your life where you realise you just can’t control everything that happens…well I’m finally here….

My baby boy is 1 next month. Bloody 1 years old! And no I’m not exactly chuffed about it! It means he’s growing up and very quickly, I can’t keep up and even though I’m here everyday I feel like I am missing out on something.
(I didn’t feel this way about the others, couldn’t wait for them to grow up, they were hard work…I loved them just as much but jeeeezzee another blog post for them)


I just want my baby to remain a baby for a little while longer, I’m not ready for all this and I’m certainly not ready to go back to work to watch other new mums dote over their precious newborns whilst I remenise about how that was me a matter of months ago….
Oh no no noooo I’m in too much love right now to even be slightly excited about my ever pending return to work.

Right now Mini muffin (Amal) is practicing standing unaided and chasing his older brother around and I really don’t want to miss anything else.

Put it this way…..I don’t want to pay someone else to see all the milestones before me and they won’t even love him like I do.


I just want him to slow down with the growing up right now because mamma wants more kisses and cuddles for longer.


Am I the only one who feels this way?
I wish I could just bottle his smell, his tiny little feet and forever hold his tiny little hands. 😍

Before he wipes away my kisses and refuses to hold my hand.
Before his farts become toxic and his toe cheese becomes a new savory brand.
Before a girl comes along and takes away my crown
Before he gives me grandkids and turns my world upside down…. Again….
Oooh Amal

! 😥

-Leah xx

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  1. Brisa Simmons says:

    This post is amazing and it completely sums up all of my feelings for my daughter as well. Since she grew out of her newborn clothes, I get depressed when I have to grab the next size clothes out of the closet and switch them out with her clothes that don’t fit anymore. I get so sad to see her growing up. She is 8 months now, and I cannot believe she will be 1 in just a few months. Don’t get me wrong though, I am very thankful for having a healthy baby that is growing like she should be, but I wish she could stay tiny forever! I love her snuggles, and I know that someday I will no longer get to snuggle with her. It breaks my heart.

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    1. Thanks for reading hun It’s soo nice to hear from mums who feel the same. I really can’t hide how much I’m not ready for this little man to grow up. It’s funny you mention clothes, I have to go through the draws tomorrow and I’m dreading it! X

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      1. Brisa Simmons says:

        Aw good luck! I feel for you….

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    2. erhynireh says:

      Cute li’l boy! No wonder you would want to seize each moment while he is still this young. I have had the same feelings when my youngest turned one. Great post!

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  2. Your baby boy is too cute!!

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    1. Awww thanks bbe xx


  3. naalexis says:

    Such a cutie! Love this post! X

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